How to survive the UF J School

As a junior advertising major at the University of Florida, I have learned some tips and tricks on how to survive in the College of Journalism and Communications. The communications world can be cutthroat, so it makes sense that our college would be the same way. For any baby Gators out there, ready to break into the world of advertising, journalism, PR, or telecomm, don’t fret! I am willing to pass on some of my knowledge to you!

The most important thing I have learned is how imperative it is to get involved. You will make great friends who share the same passions as you do, and hopefully those connections will help you out down the line when looking for a career. Join a professional club, like the Ad Society, as well as a hobby club. With 52,000 students around, it can be very difficult to find your tribe, but UF’s 700+ student organizations make it easier.