The Tech Story Is Over
John Battelle

The paradigm shift, perhaps is not that capitalism is about money; it’s that today, capitalism is not ALL about money. The new for Purpose+Profit model seems to be gaining ground in most sectors, but the proof in the pudding will be how consumers can understand their real currency (both virtual and real), their voice, and thumbs have power. Real power. To distinguish“green washing” businesses from honest, transparent and socially active and responsible companies.

For our culture to benefit from the tech revolution, we the people, now have been given the power to influence. To change what is wrong. To support companies that are on board with things that are important to us. I believe the power lies not in whether companies change but the ones that are changing are rewarded by consumers, employees and stakeholders who value and want to “buy” into something more than a manipulative marketing message.

I have written a book titled “Burning Cool: Why Doing, Creating and Participating is the New Cool, about what could be next.

The tech story is not over. It’s just been handed off in the relay race for humanity.

John, (and Ev) I would be pleased to send you a copy. Pop on over to and submit an address. If you’re still into tech, there is a kindle version.

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