Burn Out

It has been a tough 12 months. In particular the last 6 months have been particularly hectic. But right now it feels like it was all totally worth it. We have reached first close on our third venture fund, we have secured the mandate for the South Australian fund, we now have over $200M under management (we started with $5M 4 years ago), we have had a recent exit, and we have expanded and consolidated our team and we are all closer than ever.

A few months ago, a colleague confessed he thought he may not be cut out for this job — maybe he didn’t have the emotional reservoir to deal with the heaviness, the pressure, the relentlessness of our job. He does of course. He is amazing at what he does. He was just burnt out after 12 months of relentless grind. He needed a proper break.

Right now, because we have had some wins, and we have money to deploy, business to help build, and jobs to help create, and there has been so much positive support in our ecosystem, I feel super energised, raring to go. I’m SO excited. But, because of that, I think now is actually the time I need to take a break.

Weird right?

My natural inclination is to ride that momentum, strike while the iron is hot, take advantage of that energy. So this is hard, but, I’m going to try something new, which is taking breaks when I’m feeling good and things are in a good place, not because I’m feeling like dog poop and I need to recover. First, I don’t think those latter types of breaks or vacations are energising, I think at maximum they just get you closer to baseline (and even not there most of the time) and if things are not in a good place when you go, you cant take your mind off them. I actually want a break where I feel good, and can take advantage of my vacation, instead of merely trying to feel human again. I think it could even supercharge me.

I don’t think mental health is just like a glass you can deplete and then fill up. Like a 1:1 equation. I think its more like absailing, the further down you fall the harder it is to climb back up if or when you need to. So, I’m going to take a break hopefully end of August. I’m thinking somewhere in nature and as far away from people and wifi as possible. I’m thinking the outback. And I’m so excited.

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