So You’re Really Worried About Your Struggling Child?

More time is not the answer. The opportunity costs aren’t worth it.

Elaine Warren
4 min readOct 21, 2022
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What kind of nutcase gets their child kindergarten tutoring? Only an overly anxious, hyper-competitive Tiger Mom would do a crazy thing like that! At least, that’s what I thought when the idea was first suggested to me. But I was wrong.

When I was first told that I should get my kindergarten child a tutor, I laughed out loud. But then I quickly realized the learning professional was serious. She had administered my child’s neuropsych evaluation. She thought that some of the results suggested he would have difficulty learning to read. He was too young to be diagnosed with Dyslexia, but she thought we should get a tutor now rather than wait a couple of years to see what happened.

That was some of the best advice I have been given to date.

Wise Words To Live By

When I initially pushed back against what seemed to be utter nonsense, she offered some wise words:

It’s better to graduate out of services than it is to fail into them.

I could wait until third or fourth grade when it would be crystal clear that there was an issue to be addressed. But by then, he would have racked up…



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