If our eyes are the windows to our souls

In LA, everyone has to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sunlight, but perhaps it is also to hide their windows to their souls. Why? No one in Los Angeles can be considered completely real. Once someone comes here, they must automatically adopt a role. We are a city of actors, even those who are not. See the stress on that person’s face when he fumbles around to tell you what he does. Because he does nothing, but he wants to do something. Our feet are not on the ground — we are a generation of inflated egos who were raised on the idea that all of us were that little engine who can. We all live in a bizarre world in which we are all the little trains who can climb the hill that no one else could. In this mess, we are so focused on our own success that we don’t even care who we are pushing off the hill to get to the top.

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