The story of 3D printing —— Incubator

Since I found my passion about 3D printing, friends and professors around me has offer kindness help to ensure I am on the right pathway. So I decide to write my journey down to record my step and thank those generous person who help me through.

After I back home, it looks like I am leave the hot spot of 3D printing. However, one of my dear friend introduce me to his big brother back in university fraternity.

I join him for business meeting when he visited China. We went to university and companies in XiAn and Shanghai.

During the meeting with Professor. Huang one of the top leading professor of 3D printing in China, I learnt that the current trend of Chinese 3D printing application is and will mainly adopt by industry use. Because only large manufacture can afford large amount of cost and relative high risk.

Consequently, the material or technic which suitable for industry use is the mantel material and SLS technic.

Professor. Huang invite us to visit WeiNan Hi-tech zone near XiAn. I was truly shocked by the size 3D printing incubator centre. It requires a large amount of capital investment and manpower. This 3D printing incubator was create by two top universities in XiAn and local government.

This is a great corporation mode for business in China, which universities offer latest technological support by their professional R&D and policy support by local government. Incubator centre offered wide range of 3D printing technology support from FDM, SLS to bio-printing.

The 3D printing incubator centre aim is to built a start free but mature 3D printing platform for domestic and international company. On the one side, with profession R&D they (3D incubator centre) could help domestic company turn their product idea into final product which might not had that ability to. Then help them reach market with small amount of time. On the other side, incubator centre could assist international company adjust their product or technology match Chinese market demand and understand how to running business in China better. In addition, the 3D printing incubator centre only share interest after company make profit from the corporation product.

Basic on my visit to 3D printing incubator centre in WeiNan Hi-tech zone shows that although we might use some part of western technology even entire printer, but we are putting massive amount of effort on develop our core competence to rearrange the hotspot of 3D printing industry globally. More importantly the biggest advantage we had could be industry and market circumstances are ready to receiving different companies to work with.


26 Nov 2014

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