Real Love

Kissing? romance?? Blah
Romantic dates and flowers?
No thanks.
You wanna know what REAL love is??
Letting her borrow your favorite flannel all the time or
Not getting mad when she uses all of your coffee scrub or
Not yelling at her when she eats all of the Ben and Jerry’s

Real love is seeing something so silly in the store that you have to buy it for her so she laughs

Real love is noticing she’s been in your room and not saying anything
Or paying for that concert ticket to the band you both love
And nothing says I love you more than coming in the bathroom to give you some toilet paper because you forgot to see if there was any before you sat down

Or hugging you for hours when you’re crying over something stupid, like a boy

Real love is spending your afternoon helping her do allllll of her hair

Or picking her up at 3 o clock in the morning from her friends house

Or letting her pick what you watch on Netflix even though you know it’s gonna be something you don’t want to watch but are willing to because that’s what you do

That’s what any sister would do.

There is no love that can compare to my sisters.
My first best friends.
The first people I ever fell in love with.
The two girls who will always have my heart.
The girls I would fight for, kill for.
The two girls I live for.
The bond we share can not be broken.
The love we share is so true, I just know that’s what real love is

- m.e.k
Aug. 15th, 2016

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