The outside is so breathtakingly beautiful

It dazzles you, but it’s more of a bewitching

The skin shimmers and shines, but really it’s blinding you

You breath in the sweet aroma, allowing it to intoxicate you but it is nothing more than a disguised poison filling your lungs

The taste, oh so tantalizing sweet, like a nectar made for the gods

It is merely a drug you become addicted to

What is worse is the song the Siren sings,

The words dripping from her mouth into your ears like honey

Hearing your fantasies come to life through her words

Run while you can!


Oh no you did

You looked her in her eyes

Now it is too late

You lock eyes and you are gone,

You have fallen

Fallen in love with her gaze, for all you can see is heaven in her eyes

She has captured your soul, your heart

It now beats for her and her alone

You are under the Sirens spell

It is too late




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