untitled 9.19.16

Do you ever think about how many warriors you encounter every day?

Ones you could be walking passed strolling down the sidewalk

Are you ever curious of the battles in someone else’s head?

Ones they may be fighting as they sit next to you, quietly

Has it crossed your mind that another could be dueling with their own demons on the inside?

Brawling it out with them, the demons attacking them relentlessly

Ever wonder what it may be like in someone else’s shoes, or rather their armor?

Fighting the horrible, the wicked and the unknown

I wonder

My battles, they tire me, they weaken my body and hurt my spirit

It leaves me curious if others tire, if others are weakened, if their souls ache like mine does

I can not be alone in this, I can not be the only one fighting

Surely someone has to hurt like I do, be fighting like I am

So I go

I must, I must push and push

Keep and go, going till my last breath, I must

I must win. I have to win

Because maybe, just maybe if I win

Maybe I become,

Become the warrior. Win the battle. Slay the demons

Then I will no longer wonder such thoughts

Maybe then, I will be able to wonder other things

Good, beautiful things

So this battle I fight, this battle you fight

We must win it.

We will win it.


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