I’ve known both.
David Varley

Dear Lord. I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal, David. And your daughter… Sigh. It is doubly devastating, I think, to see this in one’s child.

Yes, Trump clearly has both. But we are not allowed to talk about it because ethics.

I’ve been writing about it for close to a year now —it’s the reason why I started blogging again.

I was raised on Hitler in the Communist post-WWII Poland. We emigrated to the US, before the fall of the Iron Curtain, in part to find a country which would be safe from malignant narcissists (or narcissistic psychopaths, a different name for essentially the same thing) drunk on political power.

I started calling Agent Orange “Adolf” in August last year — the chilling similarities were unmistakable, so I could not understand why no one seemed concerned about his political ambitions and the support he’s been receiving, and why he was treated like a normal person / candidate. My articles here, on Medium, as well as my blog posts on goodmarriagecentral, are mostly about that.

No matter the outcome of this election, it is incumbent on us, Americans as well as human beings world over, to learn about conscience-impairing character defects like psychopathy and narcissism to make sure that, among other things, we prevent individuals so affected from rising to positions of power in human organizations. These people are inherently destructive and we can see the intractable misery and mayhem they create on a small and large scale everywhere in the world.

I am not holding out much hope that this should happen any time soon, if ever, given the humanity’s self-destructive streak; but we must try all the same.

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