Wow. You really nailed it!!
Ned Rollo

I’m glad to hear it’s useful, Ned.

Yes, our shadow, collective and individual, is alive and well. Always. We don’t have to look far for it — within ourselves is the closest; but somehow that’s the last place we look, and only if forced to.

That plaque could be an attempt at assuaging guilt. There are many such empty, symbolic gestures that are meant to dispense with our discomfort as quickly as possible, without doing the necessary “guilt work” which, when done right, leads to change in our behavior. Guilt feels awful and change is difficult and not necessarily visible at first; plaques, on the other hand, are easy and you can show them off. And so are speeches, grand memorial services, concerts, parades, and other examples of superficial cover-ups for the wounds we keep creating in our mad march toward “glory.”

Bright pink would be a nice departure from the signature orange.

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