What is Gold Sheen Sapphire?

Gold Sheen Sapphire is extremely Rare jewel stone on the planet, which found in around the fringe territory of Liberia/Kenia in Africa. We have never observed a similar sort of GSS jewel stone, additionally never been heard that this stone has found in elsewhere on the planet yet. The word Gold sheen sapphire can be represented as Sapphire designed with golden lustre. Dissimilar to ordinary sapphire, brilliant sheen sapphire happens essentially because of iron and titanium incorporations, making the jewel for the most part Misty. In this regard, Gold sheen Sapphire also known as Blue sheensapphire is more similar to opal than other normally clear or straightforward gemstone. Distinguished considerations in golden sheen Sapphire are ilmenite, rutile, hematite, and magnetite. Especially noticeable is hematite which will regularly bring about the arrangement of geometric hexagonal examples inside the gemstone precious stone.

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