Pocket Squares: Are you doing it right?

There are many ways to help stand out from the crowd and a pocket square is the perfect place to start. Connotations are associated with the qualities of a true gent, however it is also the perfect opportunity to show other qualities.

First things first. It needs to look good. To achieve this however you need to know what your doing.

Masses of people think that in order to look good, everything needs to match. A pocket square however, needs to complement your tie and you suit. There are an abundance of examples of men completely ballsing this up, and to be fair, it’s not entirely their fault. Some stores have no business trading in the fashion industry, they box up a tie, pocket square and cuff-links with the same pattern thus forgoing your opportunity to develop your own sense of style. See exhibit A & B & C below for instance.

Exhibit A: Nope!
Exhibit B: Neeever
Exhibit C: Nice try, but not quite.

That’s fine if you want to look like you were assembled on a production line with a million others, but there’s no one else in the world quite like you so why play it “safe”?

Knowledge of the brands that set themselves apart from the competition and knowing how to wear them to reflect the season and occasion will set you apart.

For your first buy, go for a silk example. They can be worn all year round and you can even got for a 2 in 1 piece like this example by Paul Smith. It cost £50 from mrporter.com. Yes £50 and that’s cheap. However, take it from someone who knows, when you start wearing real quality, people notice, and ask questions. 
“Oh it’s Alexander McQueen” = Eyebrows Raised, Nod of Approval, Confidence Peaking..

The following brands have also perfected their pocket squares. You may find you don’t like any of them but then there’s probably something wrong with you..

ETRO | £76
DRAKE’S | £80

As mentioned silk is a great all rounder, but like a suit, cotton and linen should be reserved for the summer months. 
Wool, tweed, and cashmere for the winter. Remember this and you can’t fail.

There are hundreds of ways you can tuck a piece of cloth into a pocket. How you decide to wear it though, gives you the opportunity to express your personality. It is entirely up to you and subject to opinion, but here are some ideas to get you started, from most to least formal.


Square folds are suited to the most formal black tie functions. They look great with a tux for instance.

That’s not to say they would look out of place for other less formal functions or in a professional work place, but it tends to work best with a tie.

What does it say about you, sharp? sophisticated? I’m sure Becks would agree.


Now we can inject some personality. “V” folds work beautifully in the work place and at formal events. This example complementing a crisp suit looks particularly fine.


Puff fold’s work well with and without ties. They suit all occasions with a subtle implication of a relaxed persona, as well as confidence and an elegant style coming across… even at the most formal environments.

PUFF FOLD formal
PUFF FOLD casual

Scrunches are great too. For us however, they work best accenting a wool or tweed look.


Remember, there are no definitive right or wrong ways to wear a pocket square, just a few things to keep in mind. It’s about turning up your dress game and developing a real sense of style for yourself. So wear it how you like and if you’re not sure, send us a picture for a helping hand.

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