Changes to Elastos CR consensus

Voting (May 2023)

Eligibility for election (May 2023)

Impeachment (May 2023)

Suggestions (May 2023)

  • Regular suggestion as it is now
  • Emergency suggestion for occasions where we need to act fast and swiftly but prevent any centralized decision on closing bridges (ESC <-> Mainchain), deploy new SW version with bug fixes, emergency suggestion /proposal must be introduced.
  • E-lab suggestions directly integrate e-lab into the new CR website.

Benefits and risks for council spot (May 2023)

Payment for proposals (May 2024)

Updated duties for CR council members (May 2024)

  • We have 12 council members, so there will be 1 AMA led by 1 council member monthly where milestones, struggles, and perspectives are shared. Those CR council members that do not speak English can get a representative or another alternative;
  • Past AMA should be easy to access for everyone;
  • Secretariat or sub-teams could be subject to AMA too.




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