Sorry seems to be the easiest word

This photo has been circulating the web since the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

A kid is holding a sign reading ‘sorry for Brussels’. What does that mean? What is it supposed to mean? How old is the kid on the photo? Does he really understand all the intricacies of the political games?

Clearly, someone drew the picture for him and made him hold it. The kid doesn’t have the slightest idea of what happened.

The UK Independent writes that the kid on the photo is one of the 12 000 refugees fleeing their war-stricken home to build a new life in Europe.

Well, last time I checked, countries such as Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan are closer to Syria than Europe. Why Europe? We know what happened in Germany and it is clear that refugees, even if they get to Europe will never assimilate. (perhaps a tiny part will) but, on the whole, they’ll live in their enclosed communities praising the almighty God.

Back to my question, why Europe? How about Iran or Iraq where people accept and share your faith and values?

Why not Russia? A big country with lots of land, and if you’re willing to work you’ll always earn a living. A totally different culture, you’ll say? Well, how about Chinese in the Far East and Siberia? They’re doing just fine running their businesses, earning good money… Of course, no welfare and no benefits.

By the way, do any of the migrants who want to get into Europe know that Murmansk, a cozy Russian city, borders Norway? Why not stay there?

When in Rome, do as Romans do. As we see, refugees probably never heard of this saying. Conversely, their version of it is ‘when in Rome, teach Romans what they should do’.

We see what’s happening in Britain and in France. Did you hear that some of the German schools took the pork off their menu not to offend Muslim migrants?

I really can’t imagine anything like this happening in Russia. Nor can I imagine Russians locking themselves in their apartments when a bunch of migrants are raging the city, breaking windows and setting cars on fire.

Tolerance… One of the fundamental principals of Europe. But how more will they tolerate?