Top 5 reasons why you should write in English

List posts are very popular nowadays. They are instantly captivating your attention with titles like ‘7 ways to lose weight once and for all’ ‘5 ways to boost your income’ ’10 ways to be more creative’ and something similar.

Following this trend, I’d like to write a post highlighting top 5 reasons why you should learn to write in English. The post is for those who write in their native languages, in my case it is Russian.

English is everywhere now and you are exposed to it through reading, watching movies, listening to music and through hundreds of other ways. So, let us think how writing in English will help you in life.

  • To start with, if you write in English, you’re able to reach out to a much wider audience. Let’s face it, your native language is probably spoken in a country where you live (perhaps in some others). Conversely, English is a truly international language, and if you write your post in English, you may rest assured that more people will land on it. You don’t have to write in impeccable English, you’re not a native speaker, neither am I. People will cut you some slack as long as you’re able to get your point across and write about something interesting or eye-opening.
  • If English isn’t your native language, writing in it will help you hone and polish your language skills. You’ll need to fall back on your prior knowledge, recall the words which you’d forgotten, use the dictionary, think and create. If you make it a habit to write in English every once in a while, eventually, you’ll be rewarded with a much better command of English. Isn’t it your wish to improve your English? If that is the case, write in it!
  • Being able to communicate your ideas clearly, cohesively and lucidly (wow, what a breadth of vocabulary:))) in English is a great asset to your career. Let’s imagine you want to get a job with an American or any other English-speaking company, who stands better chances? An expert in his area or an expert with an added bonus of English? Obviously, you may and you will get a better job if you can write well in English.
  • If you have skills which are in high demand, you can’t expect to showcase them to the rest of the world if you can’t write in English. You may be an excellent developer but few people will know you if you don’t reach out to the world by telling about yourself in good English. With good English, you may start working at freelance forums and land on some very lucrative projects from abroad. I admit that an expert in whatever he does will never be left without a job offer, but let’s face it, Good English will broaden your horizons and help you communicate with different people.
  • What is the fifth reason? Well, nothing worthy comes to my mind, so I’ll just say that it’s cool. Yeah, it’s cool to be able to write in English. Don’t you wanna be a cool dude? I bet you do.

I’m sure there are many more reasons speaking in favor of writing in English. You’re encouraged to comment on this article, share your thoughts and feedback. And BTW, I’ve written this post in less than 10 minutes without using a dictionary even once! I think it’s quite an achievement considering that I don’t live in an English speaking country. Honestly, I don’t like my writing and I want to make it better. That is why I write.

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