Farewell to EnVision

After six months with EnVision esports the org and I have decided to part ways. I loved the boys there, and I’ve never taken as much pride in my work as I did with that team. I had an incredible time, and I don’t regret a thing.

I learned more about Overwatch and how I evaluate the game every month with the team than I had in the last year of watching tournament vods. Seriously, overhead vods are far better. OWL please give us overhead vods.

Learned more about myself and my limits. Working 40+ hour weeks on top of being a full time student, and had excellent mentoring from Chu, the assistant coach.

But it’s time for bigger and better things. I have nothing to announce now, but know that I have a few plans in the works. I’m not leaving Overwatch, just moving elsewhere. Hope to see you there!

    Josh 'Elbion' Tuffs

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