Thought Dump #17: C9 grabs a second OWL roster, and we’ll suffer for it.

Thought dump is a regular series where I post my unedited thoughts and musings about Overwatch that don’t merit a real article.

It was a couple days ago at this point, but ESPN’s Jacob Wolf reported that Cloud 9 has signed the roster of GC Busan to join the former Kongdoo Panthera for the London OWL spot.

On one hand, I’m very happy for the players on GC Busan that they found themselves a slot in OWL considering their recent growth and form. On the other, I’m disappointed that two of the worlds best teams have ended up under one roof.

Sure Kongdoo fell off, but the talent alone would have made for a top four team in OWL. GC Busan would likely be contending for the title, alongside the likes of Seoul and Dallas.

Now the top of the table is worse off. We went from two teams that have proven to be among the best, to one that has proven nothing. The difficulty of blending the rosters cannot be understated, and the odds we end up with a London team worse than either Kongdoo or GC Busan is worryingly high.

C9 is trying to take teams with distinct focuses and mash them together. It’s not impossible, and they have time to work on it. If pulled off the results could be insane. Even if they succeed, however, we’ve still been robbed of a top roster in the world.

The amount of star power on both rosters made them each exciting as hell to watch. Now, sadly, that same amount of talent has to fight over a single spotlight.

I would rather have seen GC Busan remain separate from Kongdoo, and get to watch two top teams. Instead I have a possibility of watching one top team, with a risk of watching a mediocre team.

C9 may benefit if they pull this merge off, but I see no way in which this makes a better story. Which as far as I’m concerned, means we, the community, lose.