Thrill Seeker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The greatest modern day truth-tellers, for me, are thrill seekers.

They are the ones who truly “get it”, who articulate and demonstrate an undeniable truth in their choice of existence.

They are our modern day Buddhas who find awareness through action, enlightenment through involvement, and purpose through disciplined practice.

They have found a way to access the place where potential lies. That place you enter when you give of yourself 100%, without excuse, without delay, whole-heartedly and completely. That space is where the entirety of existence opens up to you. You are then that opening, that truth; there is no separation.

Have you heard the way a professional snowboarder talks about the mountain? “When I ride, I feel like the mountain and I are one”. Or a champion freediver talk about the sea? “You have to be in harmony, in the same spirit as the water.” They get it, knowingly or unknowingly. There is no room for bullshit, no talked about theories. They are doing it, and doing it with all their heart, to the point that they go beyond themselves and become part of it all again.

In that place where you are completely present or completely in the moment you have reached a state of total awareness. It’s easy to talk about in reference to elite athletes because a true commitment to any physical activity requires complete involvement of body and mind, and later spirit. There is no room for mental chatter, for doubt and uncertainty; complete awareness is required to perform at such a level. Through disciplined practice and stretching yourself (as most thrill seekers do) you spend a great deal of time in that state of awareness, of mental and physical freefall, of bliss. It’s the euphoria of “being in the zone” or “just knowing”.

In this way you don’t need to be on a meditation mat to reach enlightenment. In fact, you can use just about anything to wake up. Anything that you can be totally and completely immersed in is your key to the secrets of the universe.

I use the term “thrill seeker” pretty loosely to define anyone who loves the thrill of complete involvement. But really anything you love doing can be your key. Anything that bends time (12 hours go by and you’ve hardly noticed), you forget to eat/drink/meet social obligations, you actually feel younger, like your cells are regenerating faster, they’re more alive — this is your thrill seeking sport, your path to enlightenment, to understanding the universe.

It could be performing spoken poetry, running a restaurant, or teaching tantra, it doesn’t really matter. If what you do excites you, makes you feel more alive, gives you that thrill like nothing else, than this is your path to greater awareness and truth. This is your window you can climb through every day to speak to the universe. This is your unique Guide to the Galaxy.

Love El

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