FF7 Spoilers: Mary Sue rebuttal

Mary Sue: “Cloud is a blank slate whose life is mostly a lie.”

No he isnt, did you not play the game or did you just not understand it? His real story is fully revealed in game and you learn all about his past.

Mary Sue: “the game wouldn’t have to change from that point onwards. The crew can mourn Cloud, but they can still beat the weapons. They can still fight Sephiroth.”

…and then the world can be destroyed by meteor because Cloud cant use holy, communicate with the planet or ancients or have a prayer reach the lifestream

“their leader will be Aerith, whose wise and gentle counsel will make sense (as opposed to Cloud’s constant whining).”

Cloud doesnt whine in FF7, did you just piece your knowledge together based on post FF7 media?

“Cid treats women like garbage”

No, he is angry with Shera for specific reasons, as usual you cant tell the difference between disliking a specific person for a specific reason and hating a group

“FFVII seems to adore dead and/or tortured mothers. Look at the parentage of Red XIII”

His father died protecting cosmo canyon.

“or Aerith,”

Her father was killed first defending her and her mother.

“or Cloud, “

The entire town was wiped out, including Tifa’s father, of course you didnt see fit to mention that either.


Jenova is an alien monster that destroys everything it touches. Of course you’re on its side anyway because its female.

“killed in an extremely brutal way just to serve as a motivation for Cloud, “

She died so her prayer could reach the planet and in the end is the only reason the planet is saved, you really didnt play the game did you?

“While all the female characters in FFVII follow the same unrealistic proportions”

all of the characters in FFVII follow unrealistic proportions, it’s called an artstyle

“As much as the MRAs and Gamergaters of the world will point to her achievements as a character and how “kick-arse” she is, they will never ever acknowledge how her overly-sexualized body detracts from her whole.”

Yes, I will judge a woman for her achievements and personality, not on her looks. My bad, how terrible of me, I should be judging women based on how they dress and the size of their boobs, that’s feminism!

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