Reflection on Project 1: UXDI4

Man, it feels good to be back in school! I’m amazed at how quickly a day passes when you’re engaged in what’s happening around you. Finding focus in the home office has proven challenging nearly every day, with some days feeling almost hopeless. I’ve been fully engaged every day so far and have appreciated having the opportunity to collaborate with other people and share in a collective enthusiasm to better ourselves. It makes me confident in my decision to take the leap and get back into an office with a collaborative team environment.

Project 1 was a good introduction to the process of UX. I wanted to dig in to the visual design right away and this project forced me to step back and see the bigger picture to focus on the building blocks that visual design must be built upon to deliver an excellent user experience. The fact that UX focuses on the user is obvious, but I didn’t really realize how deep that process can go. Excellent UX design requires significant investigation to find out not what you think the user wants, but extracting honest feedback and insights from real users. So much of what is designed is built around assumptions so it’s interesting to see how much better my work can get by digging deeper into the research phase.

Moving forward I want to spend more time up front breaking down the project and mapping out how much time I’m alotting for each phase so I can get a better understanding of how long phase takes. I want to estimate time based on the priority of each phase so I don’t get caught spending too much time on low value actions. Adding more milestones should give me a better idea of whether I’m on schedule or falling behind so I can course correct before crunch time.

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