Mounting Video Surveillance Security Cameras at Your Business — The 4 Best Locations

Best Places For A Security Camera At A Business Location

When an owner wants to protect their business, they must choose a security company that offers video surveillance. The video cameras used today come with advanced analytics and more. A company can get a security camera with presets programmed to specifically meet their unique security requirements. These cameras can detect hundreds of thousands of different types of humans, cars, trucks or boat movements. They are able to automatically zoom in on anything that looks suspicious. The recorded video images are all high definition (HD) and designed to be visible in any type of environment. Where the surveillance cameras are placed at a business is important. This is what will determine their success at deterring criminal activity.

Exits and Entrances
It is always important to have a security camera visible to those going in and out of a building. It tells potential criminals this place is a place that is serious about their security. A security camera can be used to record facial images. These images are an important part of the identification process. The camera should be placed so it’s able to record an area that’s at least three feet wide and the width of a door. Place the camera on the same side where the door opens.

Customer Transactions
Security cameras need to be placed at any area where transactions take place with customers. This could involve everything from kiosks to cash registers as well as teller stations and any other place where customers transactions occur. These cameras can easily detect anyone taking money from a register, stealing items during the check-out process and more. They can be used to monitor cash drawers, high-ticket items, filing cabinets, as well as safes. These cameras need to be placed approximately 7 feet off the floor. They should be positioned, so they are looking directly into the area. Should a camera be positioned too high, it will only record the tops of people’s heads.

High-Risk Areas
Security cameras are important when it comes to monitoring high-risk areas. It is important when a company keeps items such as cars, furniture, sports equipment and more outside the business. These security cameras will be able to record any type of activity that happens near these items. They are able to operate effectively with any type of network. This includes cellular as well as wireless. This type of security is designed to only use network bandwidth when needed. This means the system utilized for the security camera by the business will continue to operate at maximum efficiency.

Secluded Areas
Every business location has areas that are secluded. Everything from back alleys to parking lots and more are places for security cameras. Many criminals assume there will not be any security cameras located in these places. The images security cameras have captured in the past were essential for investigating violence, vandalism and other criminal activities.

The four best locations for security cameras are exits and entrances, places where customer transactions take place, high-risk areas and secluded areas. Having security cameras in these locations will enable a business owner to capture important images. These images can be used for successful investigations when necessary. In many cases, just having a security camera visible will deter criminal activity. Security cameras are a powerful tool that can provide a high level of security for any business.

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