This old Synth City [1 year on]


Time really flies when your having fun and Synth City seems to do just that. This show kind of started way back in 2010, when I did the ossaional Saturday night Special ‘Synth City’ on Phoenix 98 FM. And I guess with the regular Saturday morning Breakfast show- Electronic Breakfast. As I do have a love of Electronic bands and artists, I tried to fuse this with a standard Breakfast show, with live bands performing live sessions and phone interviews; notably a great chat with the late Steve Strange.

Over the years since 2010, the need to play mainly Synth based artists on the show; due to the wealth of music coming my way, made it apparent that the usual ‘breakfast show’ requirements got n the way. So Phoenix Fm with Rob Harvey decided it is time to have a more dedicated show for Electronic synth based artists.

The Radio show itself is now a year old [as on June 2nd 2016] and though being later in the evening then fans of the Electronic Breakfast could enjoy, the show has grown very fast and has the joy of getting more new music submissions then ever and from further around the world then expected; we like to think we are doing something right. The show is and will always try to showcase new artists, doth it’s virtual cap to those artist we all feel influenced by and aim to confuse the ideal of ‘80’s genre attitudes to Electronic Synth based artists.

I for my part as the presenter/producer droid will always be led by music that sparks my circuits; as it is my show. I enjoy searching out new tracks and artists. And I love the joy of music submissions; and feel privileged that I get so many and though not all get air-play it’s never out of disrespect, more a case of what I feel suits the my radio show, what I feel ‘just works’ as is the algorithm of my own audio taste buds. I will always try to support artists even if the submitted tracks aren’t included in a show; in some cases I may revisit that view, but I will still use social media to share the love This little note isn’t a mission statement but I can see, sort of feels like one- take it as you will. I would say to artists and pluggers thou, it does help to listen to a show of mine, to know if your music / sound would suit the show- it’s a two way street.

Synth City and me, are so grateful to the artists and pluggers out there for making the show and for the fans of the scene, in the way they support me and what I try to do each week. Remember by following the radio show and sharing the mixcloud reruns YOU are sharing the love and supporting of those artists.

All the best

Rob Harvey [Synth City chief droid]

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