Reasons why I think SynchroLife (SYC) is undervalued

Since I started buying bitcoin in in October 2016, and starting investing in few initial coin offering(ICO) including my first ICO Bitconnect, TaasFund, and some of the articles I write in my medium. My ICOs return on investment (ROI) have spectacular returns so far compare to investment in equities.

However, I find it difficult to value a cryptocurrency because they don’t usually provide quarterly financial statements. But I think at the end of the day, the goal is to growth customer base/usability of the technology in order to provide stable growth and demand in the future, which will boil down to revenues/net income/dividends.

SynchroLife — a resto app connecting food lovers around the world, is one of the ICOs I think undervalued at the moment because:

> They have a working product

SynchroLife has already a working mobile app that can be downloaded via iOS and android covering 155 countries in different languages including English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Korean. It already have 32,000 active users and still growing; and over 100,000 downloads. For more updates, you can check or follow their blog here: You can also try it for yourself.

Beta iOS App:
Beta Android App:

Compare to other ICOs that just have roadmap?

> Global restaurant and hotels industry is big

The global economy is expected to grow at a moderate pace. Global restaurant industry which is (1/3 of the health expenditure globally) is also expected to ride the continued global growth. On conservative note, health expenditure is expected to grow at around 9% of global GDP. The global economy is expected to grow at USD $99.96T in 2022. So restaurant and hotels industry is expected at around USD $ 3T in 2022.

On conservative note, if SynchroLife can capture just 1% of 3T globally, that is equal to around USD $30B restaurant and hotels sales.

Though healthcare industry is 3x restaurants and hotels, I’m starting to see a more competitive healthcare industry.

> Attractive price

Currently, the crowdsale is nearing to end (as of this writing SYC raised 180,733 USD / 580 ETH) and will closed on tomorrow October 20. Assuming they will raised 600 ETH at the closed of ICO. So let’s make a little computation given the following:

Tokens to be sold: 55,000,000 SYC

Estimated amount raised: 600 ETH

So 55M SYC/600 ETH = 91,666.67 SYC/ ETH (1ETH = USD $315.28)

1USD $ = Php 51.387

So 1SYC = 91,666.67 / (315.27 x Php51.387) is equal to Php5.66 per SYC.

Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), the biggest and largest fastfood chain in the country, have conducted it’s initial public offering at Php9. Today, JFC is at Php246/share.

I think SYC will grew in the near future aside from its rising global expected customer base, so I think valuation wise, the price it not just attractive but very attractive to at least have a portion of it.

A few details about SynchroLife Crowdsale:

Crowdsale Dates: September 22nd, 2017 to October 20nd, 2017
Token Name: SynchroCoin (SYC)
Blockchain: Ethereum based ERC20 Token
Minimum Contribution: 0.1 ETH
Price of SYC: No set price, allocated based on contributions. Click to learn more about how SynchroCoin tokens are calculated and distributed.
Bonus Schedule:
First 24 hours (9/22–9/23) 20%
First Week (9/23–9/29) 15%
Second Week (9/29–10/06) 10%
Third Week (10/06–10/13) 5%
Fourth Week (10/13–10/20) 0%

More about SynchroLife:

Official website:


Bitcointalk ANN thread:

Bounty link:

Beta iOS App:
Beta Android App:

Official channels and social media:







Sources: SynchroLife, The Philippine Stock Exchange, The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

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