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Tourism and travel (including accommodation services, food and beverage services, passenger transport services, vehicle hire, travel agencies and sports, recreational and conference services), employment levels and output of the tourism industry, the number of visitors and the amount they spend.

Tourism and travel total contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP)(including wider effects from investment, the supply chain and induced income impacts, ) was USD7,613.3bn in 2016 (10.2% of GDP) and is expected to grow by 3.6% to USD7,884.7bn (10.2% of GDP) in 2017. It is forecast to rise by 3.9% pa to USD11,512.9bn by 2027 (11.4% of GDP).

Travel & Tourism generated 108,741,000 jobs directly in 2016 (3.6% of total employment) and this is forecast to grow by 2.1% in 2017 to 111,013,000 (3.6% of total employment). This includes employment by hotels, travel agents, airlines and other passenger transportation services (excluding commuter services). It also includes, for example, the activities of the restaurant and leisure industries directly supported by tourists. By 2027, Travel & Tourism will account for 138,086,000 jobs directly, an increase of 2.2% pa over the next ten years.

The total contribution of Travel & Tourism to employment (including wider effects from investment, the supply chain and induced income was 292,220,000 jobs in 2016 (9.6% of total employment). This is forecast to rise by 1.9% in 2017 to 297,896,000 jobs (9.7% of total employment). By 2027, Travel & Tourism is forecast to support 381,700,000 jobs (11.1% of total employment), an increase of 2.5% pa over the period.

Money spent by foreign visitors to a country (or visitor exports) is a key component of the direct contribution of Travel & Tourism. In 2016, the world generated USD1,401.5bn in visitor exports. In 2017, this is expected to grow by 4.5%, and the world is expected to attract 1,290,780,000 international tourist arrivals. By 2027, international tourist arrivals are forecast to total 2,042,420,000, generating expenditure of USD2,221.0bn, an increase of 4.3% pa.

Travel & Tourism is expected to have attracted capital investment of USD806.5bn in 2016. This is expected to rise by 4.1% in 2017, and rise by 4.5% pa over the next ten years to USD1,307.1bn in 2027. Travel & Tourism’s share of total national investment will rise from 4.5% in 2017 to 5.0% in 2027.


Routrip is a platform that will inspire you to travel and make your worldwide travel interesting. I envisioned it to become one of the cryptocurrency unlocking the global tourism & travel worldwide.

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Sources: Routrip, Office for National Statistics, Tourism Society, World Travel & Tourism Council

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