My Long-term Committed Relationship With My Muse

Honor the Muse! When She comes, She’s serious. And She’s not coming back if you don’t invite Her in when She knocks.” — Danielle Laporte

This morning, I lit a candle and said a little prayer. It was a prayer for honesty and bravery and for something deeper and greater and more important — an openness to being guided to the right thought, the right source material, the right words. The prayer went out to the Universe, to the saints whose writing I’ve been reading lately — Teresa of Avila and Hildegard von Bingen — and to the part of myself that is older and greater than this body I currently live in.

I prayed to my Muse, because right now I believe in Her, with all my heart, and I hope that She believes in me.

Whenever I’m alone and not prepping for a client, I’m reading and writing. I am on fire — inspired, excited, energized, and enthusiastic. I have more ideas than I can get written before I lose them — no matter how hard I try — and I’m writing down quotes and making side notes about where that quote might inspire my thoughts in the greater work, and where I might be able to use that sparked thought in a blog post or in an abridged compilation I hope to offer to all of you sometime soon.

I’m working so hard, and riding the frenetic vibe because I know, for sure, that this feeling won’t last. This is the fuzzy falling-in-love stage of creation. I know, from years of experience, that if I don’t keep moving, keep hustling, keep writing and reading as much as I can — if I ignore the Muse for a moment — that it may all fall apart.

And that would more than suck. That would be heartbreaking.

So maybe it looks superstitious, but I am wooing my Muse. I am feeding Her lots of delicious ideas that She is returning to me as more refined thought.

I am in love with Her. I am invested in our relationship.

I am in love with this writing, with feeling tapped into this lineage of thought and spiritual alignment, between me and a 17th century saint, between me and a writer and musician and Abbess, between me and a goddess who may be Greek or Roman, but probably lived and inspired in civilizations that have been forgotten. Right now, I am aligned with the divine fire of other women who experienced God/dess in her own way, and tried to capture the feeling before the right words slipped away.

As I sit here, I wonder what inspiration you may have set aside for a time when you have more energy or some time off? Did you love to play an instrument when you were young — or dream of playing one — but think that your time for that is past because you have to pay for your kid’s karate lessons? When was the last time you let yourself read something besides a blog post or a quick scroll on Instagram without feeling guilty? Do you even know where a blank notebook and pen are in your house? Do you walk through Michael’s and brush your fingers over canvases or soft yarn, or through the office supply store, wishing for the pen that will make you want to sit down to write the poems that you write in the shower, and forget while you put on your make-up?

My darlings, it’s time to woo your Muse. It is time to MAKE time to romance that light inside of you that wants to create things, make things, express ideas and share them with others (or make them just for yourself — that’s great too).

What do you long to learn or make? What will make you dream about it, like you dreamed of your lover in the early days, when all you wanted was to get back to him or her to explore all the mysteries of their body? What song will make your fingers dance across the steering wheel while you sit in traffic, or what mystery do you chew over when you’re eating your salad at your desk?

Let’s be dreamers together. Let’s create a circle of Muse groupies. Let’s keep our fires going, mine and yours. Let’s encourage each other, and sing to each other’s Muse. Let’s listen to each other when we need to share the gift, and let’s respect each other when we need to be alone with it.

Could you use some help finding your Muse’s contact info? Are you just wondering how to figure out what’s missing so that you can start getting that fire going? Let’s plan to get together for a cup of coffee and a FREE Discovery coaching session to talk about how I can help get you started. Contact me at

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