Introducing Elementals4Fusion: An evolution card game.

We are delighted to present the Solana Community what we’ve been building for the last few months. We have listened to Solana NFT ecosystem participants, we listened to card games players and we’ve built on top of that. We are now thrilled to announce what we’re building on E4F to all Solana Ecosystem.

Introducing Elementals4Fusion NFT Card-Game

E4F is a card-based game where you play PvP and PvE for tokens and cards. Essentially, E4F is a play-to-earn game with the 4 core elements: water, fire, earth and air — where you can fusion your cards to have stronger and rarer Elemental.

Although we believe that the play-to-earn model can be tricky for long-term incentives, we are certain that this is a strategy that attracts new users and create a striving ecosystem and consequently an economy. To keep it balanced, we’ve created a system where supply can be reduced through the in-game fusion mechanics— we’ll talk more about this later.

We aim to become a flagship project for the Solana Ecosystem. We’ve chosen Solana because it is knowingly fast and cheap, which is essential for a blockchain game. But especially because it’s a nascent and thriving ecosystem — we saw how the community helped on one of Solana 1st launches: DegenApe Academy, we also saw how other projects launched, built their amazing communities and we’ve tried to learn from all those that came before us. The community is truly what got us here and we’re sure that that’s what will get us farther than we have ever imagined for E4F.

Elementals are born!

E4F strives to create a fair and competitive ecosystem based on probabilities and mixed attributes (and skill points) distribution. We’ve created mechanisms to try and balance the in-game supply and demand forces. Below you can find some hints on how we plan to make this a reality.

Solo Game Mode — PvE

We’ve created a solo mode that is essentially a NFT human-mining system. Our PvE Solo Game Mode is based in levels and it is the only way to mint the Fusion, Evolution and Summon Cards — these are NFTs on their own that have in-game functions. More info coming, but an initial description can be found at the end of this article.

In this mode, you will be able to play against game opponents of your level or a level above. Say you have a common Elemental, you will play PvE against common or uncommon creatures until you’re able to level up your Elemental. Your level and the enemy level will play a role in your drop chance as each rarity will have a drop rate associated to.

To avoid overplay and an unbalance in card emission, there’s a recovery time for each Elemental you send in an adventure to farm NFTs. This recovery time will be 4 hours.

Multiplayer Mode — conquer the board!

The first multiplayer mode we are coming up first is a probability-based player versus player card combat gaming — as previously explained, every Elemental will have its own skill points.

Players will be able to challenge same level opponents where they can place up to 3 cards on the board for fighting. When starting a battle against an opponent you will be able to earn a certain percentage (based on your Elemental rarity) of the Game Treasury. After putting up your Elementals for fighting, your Elementals will fight based on their specifics abilities and skill points (we are fine tuning every chance of the game to guarantee a fair gaming — Soon™).

A second mode to be introduced in the future is the Arena Battles — these can be for fun or waged-battles. If users decide to play waged-battles, they will be able to do so using SOL. 10% of the total earnings will go to the Game Treasury (as defined below) and the team will be getting 10% of what’s going to the Game Treasury — the team will get 1% of what’s being waged.

Last but not least, as in the PvE mode, there’s a Recovery Time defined for PvP as well — 6 hours in this case.

Game Treasury

To kick start PvP we’re dedicating 10% of our raise to the game treasury. This treasury is to be used initially to reward PvP players and community will decide on its future usage.

Types of Cards

Elemental Cards

These are the Elementals, they are required to play the game and have the following characteristics: Name, Element, Rarity, Abilities, Strength and Weaknesses.

The Elemental Cards rarities are: Common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary.

Sneak peek of an Elemental Card!

Fusion Card

These cards are used for fusion between elements. The cards can fusion 2 up to 4 Elementals (that is the rarest fusion card); it can only be used by Elementals with same rarity level (and different elements); the Fusion cards also have rarities from 1 to 5, and if your fusion fails you only lose your fusion card.

Evolution Card

These are the cards used to evolve your Elemental. They come in 4 different rarities (from uncommon to legendary); can only be used with same rarity and Elemental types, and if the evolution card fails you lose your evolution card.

Summon Card

The Summon cards are used to create new Elementals. They can be used by rare, epic and legendary cards to summon a new card.

Join Us

Come to our Discord, Twitter or Telegram channels to learn more about E4F and to help us build what you think would be best for our game.

Discord —

Twitter —




E4F is a PVP/PVE game powered by Solana.

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E4F is a PVP/PVE game powered by Solana.

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