Solar Helps Educate Children in Developing Nations

Affordable solar financing options make solar energy accessible for millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide. Individuals in developed nations are using solar to save money on their monthly utility bills, but individuals in underdeveloped nations are also experiencing impressive gains from solar energy.

Solar energy is proving beneficial for promoting education among children in developing countries. Non-profits and solar engineers are using their “solar skills” to improve the lives of people across the globe in a variety of economic conditions.

Solar Stills, Lamps and Generators

Mashable, a media and entertainment company providing digital news and content, says solar energy is making things like the Eliodomestico Solar Still a reality. Thanks to this solar invention, children in developing countries who have limited to no access to fresh drinking water don’t have to go without clean water and can spend more time in school.

In addition to great rates for solar financing, the solar industry is boasting technology geared toward improving educational opportunities for children worldwide. Mashable writes, Sun King Lamps currently help families in developing countries “increase their household incomes” and “allow for an increase in study time for children.”

Currently, many children in developing nations are prevented from studying at home because they don’t have electricity. Devices such as Sun King Lamps and ReadySet Power System offer rechargeable solar power solutions that provide energy to run lights, radios and mobile phones, says Mashable.

Solar Powered Hearing Aids

Another solar based project helping children in developing countries gain access to education is Ears for Years, says Huffington Post. The non-profit “distributes low cost, solar-powered hearing aids to children,” who would normally miss out on educational opportunities in third-world countries.

Solar financing provides communities in developed nations with opportunities to harness solar power to reduce costs. However, after a review of these projects, it is clear that the entire solar industry is having a tremendous effect on the lives of people worldwide.

Nicole Donaldson is a renewable energy writer for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. Information provided by Elements Capital Group. Follow on Twitter.

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