We are so excited to share our experiences at the Monaco Blockchain Conference with you! So if you want to know about the presentation of our CEO — Ziga Silic, our meeting with some interesting people and the pleasant meeting with the CEO of Eterbase — Robert Auxt, please read this article till the end.

First challenge — Peter Gorinšek could not join us

Like in real life, great opportunities seem to always start with a challenge. Our challenge for the Monaco Blockchain Conference was the cancellation of Peter — our Chairman and Founder — due to illness. We trust…

Elements Estates Still Going Strong!!!

Dear Community member,

The month of April 2019 has been finished already. You have those days, weeks and even months you feel like working extremely hard, achieving many things but you cannot communicate about it in details. The things we work on, with the $ELES team are still confidential. The title gives a perfect summary though: “Elements Estates is still going strong”. You might not hear the expected details around the project yet, in the midst of the bearish market we are still here, alive, and progressing strongly on our project. …

Springtime at Elements Estates | Crypto spring incoming with these beautiful days of green candles?

Dear Community member,

It’s springtime!!! We hope it will be spring for crypto in general as well. At least we have had some beautiful days of green candles. Do you enjoy that as much as we do?! We know that a lot of projects did not make it through this crypto winter. Some of you were even doubting if we, at Elements Estates, are not another scam project. May this be a good moment that we clearly state that we are still a very live and active project! The whole team, also extended with advisors, is dedicated to make this…

Meet Diana, a young entrepreneur from Italy that is looking for an office in Slovenia for her new start-up company.

Diana is originally from Italy but has finished her phD in Slovenia, where she met a lot of interesting people thinking alike. With some of them she formed a new start-up company to enter the global markets. She and her team are now looking for nice premises they can use as an office. Soon they lend on the ELES platform.

They find not only that there are offices with reachable rent cost but also that all the accompanying costs are…

Johan has lived and worked all of his life in Germany. Now that he is retired and his children are grown up with families of their own, he and his wife are considering to move to country with warmer climate, where they would feel safe and welcomed. So they decide to first rent an apartment on Cyprus for one month to get to know the country better and then decide about possibility of moving there permanently.

While there, they find the climate very suitable, and the fact that there are good medical services contributes to the decision of buying an…

Meet Dejun, a former Asian student that studied several years ago in Europe, and wants to move from England to Cyprus.

As Asian countries had very economically progressive years behind and the purchasing power raised dramatically, a lot of people from this important world region has studied and also permanently moved to western countries. Dejun is one of them and is now considering to permanently move from England to Cyprus.

The reason he has chosen Cyprus is that the majority speaks English. Besides, Cyprus is in-between Asia and England which suits him best. Dejun had some doubtful thinking in the…

Meet Jacque, ELES token holder that is used to the best that the world can offer.

Jacque travels a lot but not because this would be job-related. He travels and enjoys the gifts of the world and life simply as he is able to do so. When cruising near Dubrovnik (a Croatian jewel) with his yacht for the second time, he imagines how would it be to stay here on the ground each year for a few months.

Meet Arif, ELES token holder that plans to write a book while enjoying the Croatia seaside.

Arif is a writer and he plans to publish his next book internationally. He already received a deposit from his book agent and felt in love with the idea to write the book in a beautiful Croatian coastline.

Arif started to search for an appropriate apartment in a good location somewhere on Croatia’s coastline and finds a beautiful apartment with a reasonable price that is available for rent. But there is one problem. They want 800 ELES tokens per month for the apartment —…

Meet Judy, ELES token holder buying an apartment for her holidays and for potential passive income from renting out.

(All the persons and projects are fictive and are created only for the representative purpose to show some of the possibilities ELES token holders will be able to enjoy)

Meet Judy, Judy is a businesswoman from London, England. During the Elements Estates pre-sale Judy has bought and acquired 300.000 ELES tokens to buy an apartment for her holidays. She also plans to rent it to other people during her absence, to generate a passive income. She did this mostly because she…

Buying a property in South-Eastern Europe (SEE)?

If the answer is yes, have a seat and don’t forget the Rakija. Element Estate has planned a breathtaking line-up of properties from the SEE region you can own or rent, giving you that gateway into one of the most vibrant, socio-economic region.

And it gets better. These assets will be derived from distressed assets of the Non-Performing Loans (NLP) of some of the region’s leading bank portfolios. Translation? These assets can be acquired of mere fractions of their true market worth.

Finding the perfect property is like a dream come true, but…

Elements Estates

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