Elements Estates Ecosystem: The Real Estate Red Ocean Market Solution

Just because the same tools continue to serve the same functions doesn’t mean that these functions can not and will not evolve beyond the tool. A stone is a vast improvement over a fist for pounding a nail in, but a hammer does it better. Same goes for the real estate market.

While internet and mobile technology have given the real estate industry a lick of paint or two, its structure still remains the same. Resulting in a market rift with intense competition, high risk, often insurmountable barriers to entry, and poor returns on investment. These conditions, also known as the Red Ocean, is the sphere of existence for most companies where they compete with each other chasing the same clients and struggle with market differentiation. These companies are fraught with margin issues, challenges retaining customers, and measly growth. What’s more, any and all efforts to increase sales through promotions and similar efforts generate little volume, and improvements have no lasting impact.

With an annual market capitalization of over $200 trillion and commission fees of up to 10%, the real estate industry is currently one of the hottest markets with just about everybody eager to get a slice of that commission fee. There are so many intermediaries and commissions that make the final price of a property more expensive, favouring big investors (who have the cash to splash) and excluding the common folks. Coupled with the extremely low barrier to entry for real estate agents, the source of this industry’s red ocean market becomes immediately apparent.

Rather than leverage the manpower capabilities at its disposal for efficiency, the current real estate market has devolved into a cesspit of consumer dissatisfaction, inefficiency, and long-winded discussions with one intermediary too many. The blockchain holds the key to not only solving these problems through the elimination of intermediaries, but more importantly turn the tides around from the prevalent red ocean to the fabled blue.

A World of Opportunities

Blue Ocean strategy is a strategy that generates high growth and profits through the creation of new demand in an uncontested market space, rather than competing with other companies for customers in the same space.

The blockchain is this blue ocean and Elements Estates is the strategy. The platform is bringing an unparalleled and uncontested investment opportunity for distressed assets in the SEE region. With the ELES tokens you will be able to participate in the purchasing of a property in the SEE region, which normally only was accessible for big investors. These properties are curated and managed by a world-class team of professionals who have been involved in some of the biggest real estate deals in the region.

With Elements Estates, you don’t have to worry about the competitors, the company will locate the best possible property at the best price from bank issued Non Performing Loans (NLPs). All you have to do is to vote on the property you want buy, no worries about policies, legislation, mobility, and politics. The blockchain eliminates all these traditional barriers. Neither do you need to break the bank before spending money in any property of your choice. All you need is ELES tokens to purchase a property with peerless ROI due to the team’s proven track record in the industry. And the fact that a certain amount of ELES tokens will be locked for a certain period of time and taken out of circulation after every transaction, this will have a positive effect on the token value.

By creating a decentralized network, there will be no single owner who controls the money, data or rules of the network. Everything will be run by the community. The users vote on the properties, resulting in a true democratization of the property rental and sales market.

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