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Elements Estates Still Going Strong!!!

Dear Community member,

The month of April 2019 has been finished already. You have those days, weeks and even months you feel like working extremely hard, achieving many things but you cannot communicate about it in details. The things we work on, with the $ELES team are still confidential. The title gives a perfect summary though: “Elements Estates is still going strong”. You might not hear the expected details around the project yet, in the midst of the bearish market we are still here, alive, and progressing strongly on our project. Like we mentioned in our monthly overview of March, our main focus is on:

  • Development of our platform;
  • Negotiations around some real estate projects we would like to add to our portfolio; and
  • Alignment and possible onboarding of some private investors we are in discussion with.

As there is not much more to share than these phrases, let’s jump into an outlook of the things we expect coming in this month, May 2019.

Market Outlook

Some green days visible up to now. Bitcoin value managed to surge through its major resistance of $ 6,000. Sentiment within the crypto-market tends to move towards a more neutral or even positive side. Sentiment within the Blockchain Technology environment has never been better! More and more big companies experiment and embrace new opportunities with this astonishing technology. Only recently PepsiCo had a test with their advertisements process. The adoption of the technology is ahead of the adoption of cryptocurrencies. We at $ELES belief a bright future is on the horizon. But, to conclude with a quote of a Dutch crypto trader:

“I am not ready to say yes, that we are in a new bull market but I do definitely think that we are in the last phase of the current bear market.” —( Tuur Demeester)

Monaco Blockchain Conference

End of May, more specific, its last day (31st of May) Peter Gorinšek and Žiga Silič will be present at the Monaco Blockchain Conference. With speakers like Guiseppe Ambrosio (President of the Monaco single and multi family office association), Simon Cocking (Chief Editor & #1 Global Blockchain Advisor Irish Tech News) and Roberto Gorini (CTO & co-founder of Luxochain) this will be a great conference.

Besides Elements Estates some other interesting projects will be present as well, like Eterbase (Europe’s Premier Digital Asset Exchange) and Luxochain (The Blockchain meets Luxury).

We will keep you posted about our experiences towards the Conference and share some of our outcomes in our monthly update of May.

Beta Platform on Github

With our Development Partners, D-labs, we continuously work on our platform which needs to be user-friendly, secure and valuable for future partners. You are able to visit our beta version already for some time now. We will soon also post a link to the beta version on Github (the world’s leading software development platform). This gives developers and/or crypto-enthusiasts as well as our own community the opportunity to comment, remark and compliment the beta in an easy way.

AMA and Real Estate Advisor Interview

Due to a really full agenda of both Ziga (our CEO) and our real estate advisor, we didn’t yet have the AMA and Real Estate Advisor Interview scheduled. We aim to schedule this somewhere soon. Show us some mercy and trust we are taking the right steps to become successful. You, as our community, are special and your opinion is valuable because together we are Elements Estates. Please don’t hesitate to raise your questions, post your remarks, and share your ideas with us.

Thank you again for all the support!

Until next time,

Elements Estates team

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