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Springtime at Elements Estates | Crypto spring incoming with these beautiful days of green candles?

Dear Community member,

It’s springtime!!! We hope it will be spring for crypto in general as well. At least we have had some beautiful days of green candles. Do you enjoy that as much as we do?! We know that a lot of projects did not make it through this crypto winter. Some of you were even doubting if we, at Elements Estates, are not another scam project. May this be a good moment that we clearly state that we are still a very live and active project! The whole team, also extended with advisors, is dedicated to make this a successful project. Each and every team member has a track record and is therefore verifiable! Also, as already announced in 2018, we have reached the soft cap and will continue to operate as planned and presented in our Whitepaper. We also want to grab this chance to thank you all for being our community members. Especially those that are actively involved and pose us a lot of questions, remarks and comments — even those that are not always simple to answer — please know that you are a real value to the team! Your involvement helps a lot in our road to success. Thank you all for supporting us and believing in us!

Now, let us do a brief overview of our current activities.

Private Participation Period

The day when we will be able to share some news about success in private participation period is getting closer. Until then, we can say that we are still very active in this private participation period. We have a lot of discussions and negotiations, made one on one with interested parties. And all of this is part of the success we aim for with our project at Elements Estates.


As we have full attention on finalizing the private participation period, we are not yet able to share the exact date of the crowd sale but we are approaching it for sure. We do suggest you get on our Whitelist as soon as possible to be one step ahead and ready to participate (in case you are not eligible to participate in private participation period).

Real Estate Projects

In accordance with our Whitepaper, we are already bidding on different real estate projects. We believe that after we acquire them and also put them on the platform, we will gain even more interest and trust. So we are hardly waiting for this to conclude so we can share the details with our respected community.


We plan also to have another Ask Me Anything (AMA) soon. It will again be with our CEO. We will announce more details around this AMA via our social media channels and in our Telegram Group. Please don’t hesitate to raise your questions, post your remarks, and share your ideas with us. You are special and your opinion is valuable because we are Elements Estates.

Real Estate Advisor — Interview

Instead of having an AMA with our real estate advisor, we decided to pass the questions of our community to him and than share the answers. So feel free to ask as anything regarding the real estate projects or real estate situation in general in SEE region! We will provide the answers. Please use #REA in every post / comment as a sign it’s a question to our Real Estate Advisor!

Thank you again for all the support!

Until next time,

Elements Estates team

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