Elements Estates Rent/Purchase Case Scenario #6

Meet Diana, a young entrepreneur from Italy that is looking for an office in Slovenia for her new start-up company.

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Diana is originally from Italy but has finished her phD in Slovenia, where she met a lot of interesting people thinking alike. With some of them she formed a new start-up company to enter the global markets. She and her team are now looking for nice premises they can use as an office. Soon they lend on the ELES platform.

They find not only that there are offices with reachable rent cost but also that all the accompanying costs are included in the price. All they need to do is to purchase some ELES tokens that are available on different crypto exchanges or over the ELES platform through a partnering exchange and start renting.

Diana opens the account on the ELES platform in the name of the company, so they can register the renting costs as a company costs, chooses the right office and starts tenancy, which immediately reduces the amount of the company’s ELES tokens available for the monthly rent amount.

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Formalities are finished in fast and simple fashion, so Diana and other team members soon begin preparing the office. Since there is enough space now, they decide to add so-called ‘relax room’.

As the good entrepreneur she is, Diana also decides to buy some ELES tokens on her own with intention of keeping them, she expects that the price of them will grow. The reason is, that at the moment there is huge demand for the Real Estate in the South-East European region (SEE) (exactly where all of the Elements Estates properties are located) she will be well prepared. Sounds pretty promising…

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