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Aug 9, 2018 · 3 min read
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Feeling Volatile Today?

What distinguishes Elements Estates’ ELES tokens from others? In one word: ecosystem.

No product can exist in a vacuum. For it to thrive, there’s need for a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem built round the use case application of the product. Unfortunately, the majority of cryptocurrencies on the market have no other function than existing as a cryptographic proof of something. Soon as the novelty wears off, the market not only starts to question the value of crypto, but also its place in daily economic activities. Besides the Bitcoin dominance that dictates the value reflected on other coins/tokens, this is the primary reason why the cryptocurrency market remains inherently volatile.

Without the ability to integrate them into our daily activities — and considering the fact that cryptocurrencies are not only being touted as the evolution of currency, but also a key pillar of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, cryptocurrencies have fallen short of its potential.

With a dominance of over 40%, Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency has a very strong pull on the entire crypto market, whether in bull or bear mode. When it appreciates in value too fast, the entire market gets left behind, losing values and struggling for months to regain those values. When it falls, the whole market gets dragged down, plummeting in value, and leaving investors in despair.

For cryptocurrency to regain its value as an industry disruptor and not just a one-trick pony, it’s imperative that cryptos are integrated into real world business uses — not just depending on the dominance of a handful of cryptos in order to have value.

Elements Estates is breaking that mould with its ELES tokens.

Democratizing the Real Estate Industry

ELES is an ERC20 token whose value is not anchored to another crypto, rather it is anchored to distressed assets in the South Eastern Europe (SEE) region. The token is designed around a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem, revolving around the acquisition, development, management, purchase, and hiring of real estate properties.

With the ELES token, holders will be granted access in decision-making abilities that impacts on the entire ecosystem. This guides the company in which pre-selected assets to acquire, sell, hire, and maintain. Token holders will also have the ability to purchase or rent properties on the ELES platform from the company’s portfolio, through real price discovery of the smart-contract governed technology. This provably fair auction system will be conducted on the blockchain for full transparency and accountability.

Every real estate in the company’s portfolio will be managed by autonomous smart-contracts for holders from anywhere in the world. Depending on the country, this enables them to purchase or hire properties with no human intervention, except for the ownership transfer. These smart contracts will also facilitate integration of IoT devices into the blockchain and provide plug and play smart house experience.

However, unlike most projects that seems focused on the “elitism” of cryptocurrency, Elements Estates’ portfolio will also be opened to mainstream market players. This will allow them to own or rent properties using fiat currency at a market value, based on the current price of ELES tokens and up to 4% processing charges. This option simultaneously creates an inclusive environment for interested parties, while also encouraging them to acquire the tokens for fee reduction and boosts liquidity for the ELES tokens.

So, maybe this is the perfect time to choose our Elements Estates’ ecosystem and feel less volatile tomorrow!

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