Revamping traditional Real estate with blockchain technology

Elements Estates
Aug 18, 2018 · 3 min read
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There is a current wave of financial liberation disrupting the global economy and it can be rightfully called the revolution of money. This revolution of financial freedom is presented by the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, exposing more to the knowledge and potential of blockchain as a tamper-proof, secured public ledger, stored and encrypted on thousands of computers around the world. Professional and non-professional investors are now gaining unparalleled access to potential opportunities for investments through numerous blockchain solutions.

The capabilities of the blockchain technology are enormous and yet it still remains accessible, enabling anybody with internet capable devices to become a custodian of the network, while enjoying all its benefits. Validation of transactions blocks in the blockchain are governed by these custodians — or nodes — decentralizing power and putting it in the hands of the common user. This novel concept is changing the face of value exchange and financial transactions, pioneering a secure, transparent and accountable record of any and all transactions across all industries. However, there is one industry which is slow in adopting the latest digital transformations — the real estate sector.

Building it one Block at a Time

The real estate sector is undeniably enormous with a market value exceeding $200 trillion. However, this industry can also be radically transformed for the better by an equally enormous technology — the blockchain.

A lot has been going wrong with the industry which has made it a delicate threshold for trust and an open field for fraud. Forgery of documents showing false ownership of properties is a major problem. And when tacked to the limitation often imposed on investors due to geographical location, or the complicated mediation procedures, human errors, and unexpected expenditures. There is evidently a need of such solution in this industry.

Blockchain as an industry disruptor has the potential to revolutionize how properties are bought, sold, rented, and maintained all across the globe. Elements Estates is placing this potential into the hands of contributors worldwide and moreover, made it accessible for everyone, not only big players

It’s Elementary

Elements Estate is offering to the interested individuals worldwide seamless and direct access to a diversified portfolio of distressed real estate assets in the South Eastern Europe market (SEE) through blockchain technology. Individuals from any location can tap into real estate investment opportunities with zero limitations and zero need for any third-party agencies. Its blockchain backed solution will eliminate the hassles facing the lustrous real estate industry by ensuring that the buyer gets their title or deed and the seller gets their cryptocurrency payment.

Finding the right properties at the right time is time consuming, coupled with price negotiation, and property renovation, prospective participants are always in bottleneck situations with liquidity issues, dubious agent and brokers. With Elements Estates, contributors only need to have the platform’s tokens to gain access to properties of choice, vote on decisions on the platform or simply be a part of the ecosystem.

What’s more, Elements Estates development team have years of proven track record in hedge funds management, real estate development, and have played instrumental roles in some highly notable asset acquisitions in the SEE during and after the 2008 financial crisis. Powered by the blockchain and smart contracts, investment opportunities are securely transacted, time stamped, and backed by an immutable and irrefutable guarantee that no human agency can fashion. The use of blockchain technology will also benefit the real estate marketplace by saving costs dramatically and further allowing this saved funds to be redirected into more asset acquisitions or development.

The ELES token holders will be able to hold portions of choice properties in different locations hassle free, and also gain liquidity from their property value without much-ado. Elements Estates is working with the future and with the blockchain, so we might say that for Elements Estates the future is now!

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