How To Nail A Video Interview?

The video interview is a real challenge. The good news is: developing this skill isn’t hard at all. It just means that one has to consider some points, which are inherent to the video interview. Such interview takes a little more than basic interview talents; when you need a polished resume, you may turn to resume professional writers reviews, but when you are about to have a video interview, you should read these tips.

What’s the Common Problem?

Not to say that a live job interview is easy, but a video interview needs a specific approach. Partially it is due to the fact that video interviews are still not so often to meet. That’s the reason why many applicants are candidly bad at it. However, the situation is about to change. More and more companies integrate video interview in their application process. It’s only a matter of time for the trend to rise.

There’re different reasons, which may cause a failure. First, quite a number of people feel somewhat intimidated by the simple idea of the video interview. A surprising fact, the statement refers to the people of the new generation as well. Despite the grasp of Youtube and Skype as the representatives of the video culture, there are many people, who are uncomfortable with the video filming.

Another extreme also exists. Being too comfortable with the camera can be harmful as one risks to look unprofessional. However, a first visual impression is very important, it’s a chance you can’t miss. Everyone is likely to know that attractive and good-looking people get more interviews and money in the end. But that doesn’t mean they’re the only winners. Even the lucky ones can mess with the video interview without the proper preparations.

Little tweaks change the scenario. One of them is an attention to the web camera that saves the day. An obvious truth is that a qualification and reasonable answers are non-negotiable. The adjusting of the web camera will guarantee an objectiveness of the interviewer. This way he has a chance to make assumptions based on your professional characteristics and not on the look. There’s no need to worry about how you look now. Right lighting and camera positioning do wonder.

Remember About the Nonverbal Communication

One of the most important things to remember is maintaining an eye contact. Following this rule makes an applicant look confident and trustworthy. Keeping it via the video is obviously harder than during the first-hand communication. An applicant wants to keep the focus on the partner’s face. A usual, non-customized camera position doesn’t come close to the actual reality. One is better to resize and move an image window as close to the top as possible. It creates a perfect angle.

Remember the difference between the interested anticipation and a maniac stare. It’s easy to overdo it in the efforts to cover the awkwardness. Unfortunately, it will only add up to the discomfort. At first, a self-control act is required, but the natural feeling will come with time. You want this perfect middle between the weakness and strength.

Smile Is a Good Practice

Here the same rules apply as with the eye contact. There is such thing as too much smiling and you wouldn’t want it to happen. One has only to cross the fine line and an impression of the eager to please person is inevitable. The smart strategy is to use it as a tool and not as a lifebelt. A smile is supposed to show a candidate’s enthusiasm, confidence, and social intelligence.

Watch the Movements

We all have these twitchy individual gestures when it comes to the stressful circumstances. They can be acceptable in the life, but pretty distracting on the camera. Try to be aware and avoid them as much as you can.

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