On the other hand, the monument is a sign of hatred. The Confederate General was married into one of the wealthiest slave owning families in Virginia. It’s a representation of intolerance. An article states, “Lee was cruel, encouraging staff to severely beat slaves who were recaptured” (line 9).
Charlottesville: Who’s good and who’s bad?

Next, I wanted to point out that contradicting documents have been released that suggest Robert E. Lee loathed the idea of slavery. I think it would have strengthened your argument to attach a link of the segment that “The Sun” is talking about by ABC so that the accusations against Lee have some substance. Robert E. Lee is famous in historical circles for adamantly fighting against the idea of slavery. When he pronounced his loyalty to Virginia in opposition to Lincoln’s request that he fight on the North’s behalf, it was in defense of his, and our Founding Fathers, belief that federal interference in state and local politics is what allows governments to transition into a position of “absolute power.” At that time Lincoln’s interference in state politics went far beyond slavery.

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