You have the permission to opt out

You love your job, and you hate your job.

When I first began teaching I was on cloud nine. I flew to work. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I felt sorry for the people who hated their jobs.

A few years into it the stress and the pressure from conforming, struggling to pay the bills and persuading people who didn’t want to change, began to destroy the passion for the one thing I loved.

I got sick, drained and exhausted.

Let’s stop right there because it’s important. Today I hear the same stories of professionals all over the world. They may not be in the classroom, but they’ve been fighting the pressures that squeezed every ounce of passion out of them. It doesn’t matter where they live. The story is the same.

90% of these people will stay where they are.

They will continue battling depression. Being dissatisfied with their jobs. Dreading every Monday.

They would rather sacrifice the two most valuable things we have in life — time and health — to keep themselves safe from change. And it will work for the majority, but it’s not who I’m writing for.

The people I’m writing for want to do something about being sick, drained and exhausted. Whatever it takes. They’re sitting on the edge of their seats, weighing the so-called “benefits” of their “real jobs” and they wonder if those things are worth more than their mental health and lost time.

To them I want to say this — you have the permission to opt out. You can say why not? You can do what you love. You can choose how much you want to be paid for it, and you can begin working towards your goals today.

Yes, today. Because your life is too valuable to wait another day in hopes that some magic will happen to make the “1984” existence disappear. You make the magic happen when you find the courage to say no more. You can make things different by daring to opt out today.

~ Elena Mutonono

Gorgeous photography by Bak Rd

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