Remembrance Day and the truths that dare not speak their name
John Wight

“When it comes to the one war in Britain’s post-WW1 history that was morally justified in being waged, the Second World War against fascism, inconvenient historical truths abound.”

Perhaps you need to do a bit more ‘digging’. Certainly the Versailles Treaty was an abomination, but we often don’t realise what it meant to Germany to lose Territory. Imagine UK having Cornwall and Yorkshire taken from it? What about the Brits living there? This is what happened in Poland and Czechoslovakia; German communities suddenly isolated. E Prussia separated by Polish Corridor and ‘Free’ City of Danzig run by League of Nations; Germany split up with a ‘bit’ of Poland in between!! Imagine? Same with former parts of Germany subsumed by Czechoslovakia.

Then learn about the atrocities committed against the minority Germans by the Poles/Czechs; pretty horrific. What’s a country to do? What would Britain do in the same instance? Germany tried to reach out to Poland and was told to get lost!! As Germany did to Britain and was rebuffed. Ever wonder why ‘they’ kept Rudolf Hess a prisoner till he died; some are saying he was murdered eventually? What did they NOT want us to know?

“Poland wants war with Germany and Germany will not be able to avoid it even if she wants to.” 
(Polish Marshal Rydz-Smigly as reported in the Daily Mail, August 6th, 1939)

Primary Evidence here (some parts not suitable for children btw) but tons of evidence on the internet now thanks to Revisionists; or as I call them — enquiring minds:

I’ve cried a river since beginning to learn about what really was behind BOTH World Wars. I’ve cried for my Grandfather and my dad. My Grandfather’s first wife died giving birth while he was in the Trenches. His daughter was brought up by his wife’s family. His wife, my dad’s mum, died while my dad was in the Pacific; they refused him permission to see her before she died. He never got over that.

“Subsequent to the German invasion, Britain declared war on Germany, yet after the Soviet Union invaded the eastern Polish territory only a few weeks later, Britain neglected to declare war on the Soviet Union. Why not, if the integrity of Poland’s borders was so important? Inquiring minds want to know. After using these incidents as obvious pretext (the real purpose being to take down Germany as an economic rival and arch anti-NWO force), Britain then began bombing the Ruhr Valley the day after Churchill took office (May 10, 1940), specifically targeting civilian areas in addition to industrial and military targets. The rest is history — a shameful and gut-wrenching one.”

We’ve been sold a pup. Things were not as clean cut as they want us to believe. And I no longer buy their narrative. Much as it would be easier to.