A Homecoming Beyond the Myth

The figure whose legend permeates the being of this tiny land is an epic hero, conjurer of wooden horses, slayer of mythical beasts, survivor of a riveting journey at the mercy of the Fates and wrath of the Gods — a crafty seaman who navigated every obstacle to get home. A homecoming marred by the presence of the irreverent suitors, eager to take the master’s place in the palace, the kingdom, and the heart of the queen — the faithful wife who spun, unraveled, and spun again her lace, buying time till her man got home.

Yes, you can twiddle time on Ithaca unraveling the verses of the myth. Or you can spin and weave a new myth — your personal epic.

Depending on the time of year, the air of Ithaca is infused with a variety of more perceivable, natural legends: be it the intoxicating scent of sage in April; the invigorating, salty spray of the mistral wind’s playful duet with the sea on a late summer afternoon; or the earthy essence of the moist October breeze.

The flotillas are now recreational and the ambitions of those aboard are confined, conquest-wise, to capturing the rays of the sun. The king still oversees his realm, though from a commoner’s pedestal, mesmerized by these new warships that move without oars. The queen is still immersed in matters of yarn and manipulation of time, whether choosing a window embroidery or a bottle large enough for safekeeping her warranted deceit. And the suitors have multiplied, free to come and go as they please now that their interest is diverted from the mistress to the territory and the blue that surrounds it.

Here, on Ithaca, an Odyssey with new players and props is in perpetual spin and unravel mode.

But in spinning and unraveling — yarn or tale — there are milestones. No worries, though. The loops, plot twists, characters, and locations for this embroidery are all too photogenic!