Are you and your friends “squad goals”?

If you are remotely present on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you’ve heard the phrase “squad goals”. Whether you’ve seen the hashtag on a repost of Ellen’s infamous Oscar pic or you’ve commented it on a Instagram of the Carter family, it’s literally everywhere.

So, what are squad goals? Everyone has a group of friends that fall into the term “squad”. They’re the people that you can watch Netflix and actually chill with on a Friday evening; they’re the ones who will accompany you to brunch after a rough night.

The popularity of apps like Instagram have made the jealousy of other squads very real.

We’re living in the age of social media, whether you like it or not. Now more than ever, it’s unimaginably simple to share your life with the world, only by the click of a button (well more like a soft tap, actually). Without realizing it, we are all becoming open books.

Apps keep rolling in that encourage a culture of “social envy”, as I like to call it. A new app, Picpal, is making it super easy to flaunt your squad and be the group that everyone wishes they were in.

Picpal is a social media app that let’s you send a picture to your friends to invite them to be in a collage with you. Sounds simple enough right?

It’s almost like Instagram, Snapchat, and PicStitch had a crazy night together after one too many mojitos and this app was the result. Your friends have 24 hours to join in on the collage; everyone invited (up to 4 peeps) can watch it build as friends join in!

Maybe your squad is not in the same spot on a Saturday night, but you might send out a Picpal request to your 3 best pals titled, “Where you at?”, and then you have a collage instantly showing how flame your team really is.

Picpal is the ultimate form of social sharing right now. What do you think, is #squadgoals just another fad or will this infatuation with sharing your life never end?