Kingstonian Parking Math

Listening to the developer for the Kingstonian project talk about parking was interesting. He is claiming a number of things that no one seems to be questioning, about the nature of the future inhabitants of this luxurious domicile.

I just figured I would do my own math, and share it with you.

So 129 apartments and 32 hotel rooms for a total of 161 residences at any given moment...

There's going to be a total of 420 parking spots...

Supposedly the Magical, Highly Educated, Job Attracting, Desirable people in the Kingstonian will only need one or less cars per family, no matter how many adults are in the family, so that means 160 of these parking spots are designated for the people who own the apartments.

420 - 160 equals 260.

Well!! That’s the amount of parking spots more or less that the Kingstonian development promises that they are going to be adding to Uptown Kingston! YAY!

Cue the fireworks and dancing unicorns!

So I guess all the hotel guests will be brought by fairy princesses on dragons?

Nooooo! Of course they won’t. That’s 60 spots that will be constantly used by people from out of town who are coming in and out of a hotel. Some of them will take the bus, but honestly, most Americans still travel by car and our bus system sucks so that means about 200 spots left.

The developer says that the people who live in the Kingstonian who need more than one spot for their car will use some of those other spaces.

That’s great soooo…

Realistically, because most two adult families that are coming to this area have two or more cars, that would give us 160 other spaces that will come out of the 200 that are left over...that’ll give us a net of 40 spaces for people to park and visit Uptown.

Well you know what???

That’s actually a loss not a gain in parking spots because we already have about a hundred and twenty spots just in the parking lot that exists in the footprint of the former parking garage!!!


So overall we actually might end up with fewer parking spots after we let these people build this monstrously huge thing in uptown Kingston. Cool.