Elevations RTC Highlights The Importance of Parent/Student Feedback Throughout Residential Treatment

Elevations RTC
Sep 5, 2019 · 3 min read

Residential treatment centers are constantly evolving. After all, they exist to serve their patients, and with new breakthroughs in medicine and psychology, not to mention the diversity of their clientele, being open to change is necessary for any residential treatment center to succeed. One of the best ways that a residential treatment center can make positive changes is through feedback. Direct, real-time feedback from both the students placed in the facility, as well as from their parents, is one of the most valuable resources at the disposal of those who run treatment centers.

Elevations RTC, based in Syracuse, Utah, is a co-educational, residential facility that offers a combination of intensive psychiatric treatment and personalized care to help adolescents suffering from mental health problems, emotional disorders, learning disorders, substance use, and more. It is one example of a residential treatment center that not only encourages but facilitates feedback from their patients and their patients’ parents in order to make positive changes for the good of those staying with them. Rather than simply being open to critique, it is important to actively encourage honest feedback by taking action, such as distributing surveys or holding meetings. Continue reading for insight into the importance of parent and student feedback throughout residential treatment, and how Elevations RTC has used this feedback to improve their facility and the services it offers.

The Importance of Parent Feedback

Feedback from the parents of an adolescent in a residential treatment center is invaluable. The way that parents interact with and experience a treatment center is vastly different from their child. Therefore, they can offer a fresh and unique perspective on a treatment facility that if taken into consideration, will ultimately help improve the functionality of that facility. For example, Elevations RTC sends parents two surveys throughout their teen’s time in the program.

The first, or incoming, survey is sent upon their child’s enrollment. The second survey is sent to the parents one month after their child is discharged, the goal of which is to gain insight into the level of satisfaction they feel with the treatment center based on how their child has been since completing the program. Elevations RTC claims that the responses they’ve been given on their parent surveys have helped them to identify problem areas. The incoming survey helps them understand how smoothly parents feel the admissions process is, leaving them with a better idea of how to improve said process in future. Further, the discharge parent survey provides the opportunity for the center to reconnect with parents after their child has left the facility; to hear how a student is doing now that the program is over. Through this survey, Elevations RTC is able to gain insight into what their former students are up to now and what their life has been like post-treatment.

The Importance of Student Feedback

Student feedback is simply unmatched in terms of value, which is why Elevations RTC encourages students to express their voices on campus. They do this through two main avenues: a student advisory board and surveys. Each month, the Executive Director of Elevations RTC meets with a student advisory board to discuss issues within the program. All meetings follow an open format whereby students are encouraged to voice their opinions on any issues that relate to their time at the center. Issues vary in size, from the minor (the temperature of the water in the showers) to the major (brainstorming of new ideas for the program to help struggling students). Secondly, every three months, students are given a survey. This survey allows them to express any concerns they may have on a wide range of topics relating to the facility, such as academic programming and staff.

Overall, both the meetings and surveys have been proven to not only provide invaluable feedback to staff, who then use it to implement positive change, but to make the students feel supported by and connected to one another, as well as to the staff who run Elevations RTC.

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Elevations RTC is one of the leading co-ed Residential Treatment Centers offering guidance, support, and relief | Syracuse, Utah

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