You’ve written a lot about what you personally believe (and you’re free to believe whatever you…

I think these are really interesting and important questions. As somone who broadly agrees with the sentiment Connor has expressed in his article, I’ve been thinking about how we might respect trans rights without requiring that the law denies the existence of biological sex, and the importance of the recognition of that existence for ‘natal’ women’s rights.

  • “everyone should have the right to the medical care they need free of charge from the NHS” does that include gender transitions?

Yes, I think it does, although not on demand. I think serious operations and hormonal interventions should be accompanied by expert care and advice from doctors with specialist training in areas of gender dysphoria, sex, etc. (If you want an abortion in the UK you need the consent of two doctors, plastic surgery requires medical consultation and often MH assesment too) I also think children under 18 should not be permitted to make changes to their bodies via medical intervention without proper and thorough assessment not only from doctors but also from social workers and only in the most extreme of circumstances, and only with the consent of parents.

  • Do you think trans people should be able to use public facilities that match their gender identity?

I think that we need both single sex and gender neutral public facilities. A unisex bathroom in addition to male and female bathrooms shouldn’t be too difficult, and maintains the safety of women from male-bodied people in public spaces, which is also necessary.

  • Do you think they should be able to go to work and school as the gender they identify with?


  • Do you think they should be protected from discrimination?


  • Do you think they should be able to have their documents changed to reflect their gender identity?

I don’t know. To what ends is this useful? I would like more information about the implications of this for all people. For example, is there a possibility to have sex/gender as seperate entries on documents? What would this mean for trans rights? What about all kinds of other gender non-conforming people who don’t feel comfortable with a gender label outside of their sexed body? Would this be on demand or only after a transition?

  • Do you think they should be called what they want to be called, in accordance with their preferred name and pronouns?