‘My Way’ 2017: The Trump Tribute

The inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th POTUS, was a much watched event, despite the issues over crowd numbers, the tone and quality of the inaugural address, the absence of A-list stars, and the like.

One thing which was especially awkward for some people, though, was the ‘first dance’, that moment when a man who clearly can’t dance took the floor with a woman who clearly didn’t want to dance.

The choice of ‘My Way’ was, perhaps, no real surprise. However, the fact that it starts with ‘And now, the end is near and so I face the final curtain’, does suggest a strange take on the dawning of a ‘golden era’ for both the man and the country.

With respect to Paul Anka, who wrote the English version of the song, it would seem that the lyrics need to be updated for POTUS #45 and so the following version is offered. It is to be hoped that this version might be used if there is a second-term in office.

“My Way”

And now, as Trump is here, We face despair, some bigly worries.
 My friends, these times are hard, he’s promised guns, and jobs and greatness
 He’s said, he’ll build a wall, to save the USA from others,
 Oh, no, it’s come to this, it’s Donald Trump’s Day
 Regrets, we’ll have a few, and here is one that must be mentioned
 He’ll do what he has to do when he gets in to bed with Putin, 
 He’ll be so excited, there’ll be no need for girls and urine, 
 Oh Vlad, he loves you so, he’s yours to toy with.
 And there will be times when he will lie,
 Alternative facts others deny,
 But through it all, when there is doubt
 He’ll clench his hands, make tiny fists,
 He’ll shake them hard, he’ll pull a face and blame the media.

Some say, he’s blessed by God, ‘Look at his houses, wealth and wives’.

But gods, like truth and love, mean less to him than gold and glory.

He serves the god of greed, nothing means more to him than money,

There is no god for him — he’s psychopathic.

And what is this greatness he’ll restore?

What memories does he reach back for?

Segregation or The Alamo,

For Watergate or Vietnam,

The KKK or Al Capone — or simply Wall Street?
 We’ll plan, we’ll march and cry, we’ll stand against all hate, each lie, 
 We’ll fight for what is true, when he goes low, we will go high,

We’ll question every Tweet, his CAPITALS will not disturb us

We will just tell the truth against his bullshit.

For what is this man, what has he got? Two silent wives he paid a lot,
 A load of debt, some bright red ties, some dodgy mates and crazy lies, 
 The record shows, he’s landed blows but he’ll fall one day

He’s landed blows against his foes but he’ll fall one day.