Emergency Call for Assistance Initiative by (NGO) “Together..To Live” #Yemen

An emergency initiative to assist those afflicted by the war in all Yemen’s provinces — started by Female Academicians Forum, Sana’a University

In its difficult circumstances and situation, Yemen is on the verge of collapse due toFemale Academicians Forum Sana’a University the foreign aggression, blockades and internal war which is leading to the starvation of the Yemeni people, destruction of its infrastructure and loss of all basic necessities including water, electricity and health services. Even more dangerous is the lack of fuel at hospitals and other health facilities.

Female Academicians Forum Sana’a University started the initiative “Together to Live”, April of 2015, with a goal to assist those affected by the war in Yemen.

This emergency initiative seeks to assist those afflicted by the war in all Yemen’s provinces.

“Together..To Live” has completed the first phase of its program by conducting need assessments for 40 of the most damaged houses of families in the Faj Attan area of the capital Sana’a. On May 10, 2015, the team distributed forty aid packages of food, clothes and blankets to 40 afflicted families in the Faj Attan area of Sana’a.

In order to embark on the second phase of emergency assistance, we issue this urgent call to all NGOs, the United Nations humanitarian agencies, private donors both in-country or abroad who is able to provide either financial or material in-kind support for this effort to do so without delay.

Further, we ask that all those who receive this appeal to forward it to all organizations and social groups etc. that may be able to help us and to work together with us to alleviate the suffering of the people afflicted by the war.

Dr. Angela Abu-Asba Team Leader, “Together..To Live” Female Academicians Forum Sana’a University Tel: 967–739005288

EMAIL: angelaabuasba2012@gmail.com

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