Urgent appeal for help/ A Yemeni boy stranded in the Vallorbe VD refugee camp in need of urgent medical help

This is an urgent appeal for help concerning a Yemeni boy Nader Ahmed Yahya (14 Years old).

I was informed yesterday (6 April) of the situation of the Yemeni boy through a Yemen-British activist Rawan Shaif, who is working from London with a team of activists to help Yemenis stranded around the world due to on going war in Yemen.

Yahya is stranded in the Vallorbe VD refugee camp here in Switzerland:

  1. He is in dire need for medication after a major surgery he had in Italy, which is not available in the camp.
  2. He, his father and the Yemeni doctor who is accompanying them do not want to stay here to Switzerland. Their aim is to go to Egypt.
  3. They need a visa to Egypt — a new regulation that was introduced by Egypt for Yemeni citizens after the Saudi attacks on Yemen since 28 March.

Below are the details of his case and enclosed please find the documents concerning his case.

Background story: Written by Yemeni-British activist Rawan Shaif (https://rawanalghbari.wordpress.com/2015/04/05/hello-world/)

The boy suffers from a life threatening neurological condition, sinonasal angiofibroma, which caused severe internal swelling to the brain, ear, nose and throat.

His father, Ahmed Mohammed Yahya, who works as a humble tea seller from Dhamar, was able to raise the money (donations) for the major operation.

After a lengthy 8 month wait in Egypt with Yemeni Doctor, Helal Noman, a master student at the University of Alexandria who had volunteered to host them, the three of them, travelled to Italy on the 9th of March to meet the Italian Dr. Paolo Castelnuovu, willing to perform the operation.

Having completed the surgery, on the 26th of March, Nader was set to go back to Egypt to follow up on critical treatment and medication, as requested by the Italian surgeon.

The day the war broke out in Yemen, a previously non-existent visa ban was placed on Yemenis travelling to Egypt. Both Turkish airlines and Egypt air, refused to return the €2400 used to purchase the tickets.

The Egyptian embassy in Italy denied their request for a quick visa and told them to wait for at least one month before they could be able to reply.

Dr. Noman, Mr Yahya and Nader were stuck in the airport for 4 days till the expiration of their visa, forced to seek another option, with no money and no place to go, a man from the airport offered to drive them Switzerland for urgent medical attention.

In Switzerland, they have been locked in at the Vallorbe refugee camp for a week. Dr Helal managed to reach us for assistance, whilst Nader and Mr Yahya remained at the camp.

Nader does not have access to the long list of vital medication that he needs.

An appointment to assess his condition had been given the time frame of a month.

The Yemeni Consulate did not help. Several officials in the Consulate have told both myself, and Dr Helal that nothing can be done to help them, everyone is on their own and that their cases have been passed on to their colleagues in New York.

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