My thoughts on the current state of the race, and the willingness of some to embrace Trump.

I’m honestly just exasperated with the current state of affairs in our party. From when Donald Trump awkwardly rode down that elevator last June and ranted about undocumented immigrants being rapists and murderers, to later on in the campaign season, when among other things, he insisted that he’d make Mexico pay for a border wall, cried about Megyn Kelly asking him hard questions and insinuating that it was because she was “bleeding from her… wherever”, made fun of a disabled reporter, claimed to not know who David Duke was and refused to denounce the KKK, and called on his supporters (whom have been caught on tape multiple times telling black people to “go back to Africa”, Jews to “go to f-cking Auschwitz”, and making Nazi salues) to beat up protesters, even going so far as to say that he’d pay for their legal fees, and saying that women who have had an abortion should be punished, I would have never, ever expected that he would make it this far.

It’s been a long campaign, and we still have a shot at a contested convention, but with Trump most likely getting majorities in all five states that have voted tonight, it’s hard to not see the writing on the wall.

I’m disappointed in voices in our party calling on us to unite around Trump, saying that it’s time to simply fall back in line and work to defeat Hillary Clinton. I, too, desperately would like to beat Hillary Clinton; that’s why I backed Marco Rubio, and now John Kasich, because they provide us the best chance of winning. However, I will not be embracing a candidate who has pandered to white supremacists, called for a Muslim registry, and divided Americans by taking the lowest road possible to get to this point.

I don’t know about what it means for some of you, but for me, #NeverTrump actually means Never Trump. Ever. As Republicans, it’s time to take a stand and show that we 100% reject this dangerous rhetoric in our political discourse. If you truly stand for conservative values, then it is time to make clear that we will not be supporting a con-artist like Trump in November.