Williamsburg, Brooklyn: The Way It Was

The land of hipsters and yuppies may be the Williamsburg, Brooklyn you know. But there’s another Williamsburg, formed by an Italian community present since the mid-1800s.

As gentrification’s swept through the borough in recent years though, the old neighborhood’s been ripped away. Now, for the Italian community, every freshly chiseled complex sits on a demolished memory.

Listen to three older life-long Italian residents colorfully tell you what Williamsburg was, how it changed, and what’s left today — through their eyes.

(A version of this story published in NY Magazine’s ‘Bedford + Bowery’ on 1/13/17: http://bedfordandbowery.com/2017/01/audio-williamsburgs-italians-dont-like-being-called%EF%BB%BF-the-leftovers/)