Apple’s Next Move? It’s Obvious. But We’re Missing It.
Seyi Fabode

I believe that Apple has lost its way because there is no vision and purpose in what it is making nowadays. You don’t destroy the foundations that hold you in order to move to the next big thing. And that is what Apple is doing by experimenting with so many things (you forgot the rumored Apple Car).

Jobs cut all the unnecessary computer models when he waited for the next big thing and FOCUSED to what he already had. Tim Cook is doing quite the opposite. He expands in many areas focusing on NONE of them!

To many projects and most of them unfinished and mediocre (look at the watch, the 13-inch iPad Pro, the “new” MacBook Pro, or the “new” iMac Pro). All of them show that Apple just isdn’t quite sure on which way to choose and it tries everything frantically by making mediocre products that shine (externally).

Even the new iphone that will come this year will be more of a big dissapointement than a success, even if millions buy it due to its previous fame. The same happened with the iphone 7 by the way and if it wasn’t for the big blow of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, the iphone 7 would not have sold so much. But this year, Apple will not be so lucky because the Galaxy S8/S8+ is already a huge success and the Note 8 is comming on late August.

As for the Home Pod, the antagonism is very hard in this section of the market and with (the again mediocre) Siri against Alexa and Goolge Now and MUCH CHEAPER DEVICES, the furture seems not so brite for its success.

And one final word. Jobs focused on what Apple was good at, at the time and then moved to the next big thing (the ipod-iphone) but expanded his base of the Apple computers and made really great machines that we still speak of today.

Even if the Home Pod will be its next big thing, by killing what made her big, Apple shows that she does not know where she is going.